Verify an e-mail-adress - syntax and dns

Georg Brandl g.brandl-nospam at
Mon Sep 25 20:07:25 CEST 2006

Christophe wrote:
> Georg Brandl a écrit :
>> Christophe wrote:
>>> Steven D'Aprano a écrit :
>>>> By memory, in an thread about the same topic just a few days ago, 
>>>> Fredrik
>>>> Lundh posted a link to Perl's FAQs that suggests a method for 
>>>> "validating"
>>>> email addresses: treat it like a password and ask the user to type it
>>>> twice. That will protect against simple typos and input errors.
>>> I hate that thing. When I see that, I type my email once and 
>>> copy/paste into the second edit box. This is useless AND annoying at 
>>> the same time.
>> It may be for you, but there certainly are users that misspel their
>> e-mail address more frequently, just like passwords. And therefore it's a
>> nice touch to spare both the original submitter and the owner of the
>> misspelled address more work.
> Which proportion of the people that sometimes misspell their e-mail also 
> use cut&paste when faced with "please type your e-mail twice" web pages?

I don't know. But really, it doesn't matter. The cut-and-paste operation
(which is done at least partially using the mouse by most such people) needs
a lot of "eye contact" with the thing cut and pasted, so there's a lot
more chances to realize that the address is wrong.


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