Pre-defining an action to take when an expected error occurs

Tempo bradfordh at
Fri Sep 15 04:40:35 CEST 2006

Hello. I am getting the error that is displayed below, and I know
exactly why it occurs. I posted some of my program's code below, and if
you look at it you will see that the error terminates the program
pre-maturely. Becasue of this pre-mature termination, the program is
not able to execute it's final line of code, which is a very important
line. The last line saves the Excel spreadsheet. So is there a way to
make sure the last line executes? Thanks in advanced for all of the
help. Thank you.


IndexError: list index out of range

Code Sample

for rx in range(sh.nrows):
    rx = rx +1
    u = sh.cell_value(rx, 0)
    u = str(u)
    if u != end:
        page = urllib2.urlopen(u)
        soup = BeautifulSoup(page)
        p = soup.findAll('span', "sale")
        p = str(p)
        p2 = re.findall('\$\d+\.\d\d', p)
        for row in p2:

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