Newbie - ? get IDLE going on cygwin

David J. Braden dbraden at invalid.add
Tue Sep 12 19:35:36 CEST 2006

Hi, (from a total newbie w/ Python. Oh well.)

I can run Python in command-line mode fine from the cygwin shell; the 
cygwin distribution also includes IDLE, which is apparently completely 
installed, yet I am unable to get IDLE running. When I double-click 
idle.bat (or idle.pyw) I am prompted to locate the program's creator. 
Darn if I know what it is. If I try to invoke IDLE from cygwen bash, I 
get "unable to remap c:\cygwin\bin\tk84.dll to same address as parent".

Obviously I don't know Unix (heck, any OS at a deep level), so this is 
likely what creates the fog. Sorry.

Also - could someone plz recommend some useful environment variables for 
Python on Windows? If I were to specify PYTHONDOC, should I use Unix or 
Windows notation (e.g., "/" or "\").

Many thanks for helping me bootstrap into this.

Dave B

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