how to specify path to .py modules during install...

venkatbo at venkatbo at
Fri Sep 15 05:28:31 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

On i686 Linux, I would like to place my python modules as:
and use the cmd from <base_dire>:
   ...base_dir]$  python  src/py-modules/  install
so the .py files and the corresponding compiled .pyc files are at:

Its unclear from the documentation, how I could specify the
location of the *.py files, ie:
in the installation command:
   ...base_dir]$  python  src/py-modules/  install

I can specify the destination of the module/compiled files,
but how do I specify the the path to the .py files. I get the
"file not found error".

Of course, if I cd to:
and run the command, its able to find all the modules listed
in[.....] entry.

This is one among many other modules (C/py) being built
while at the <base_dir>...


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