windev vs python SOS

Bruno Desthuilliers onurb at xiludom.gro
Fri Sep 29 14:24:21 CEST 2006

aaaWindev at wrote:
> Hi Bruno,

Heck. PC-Soft marketing droids are pursuing us even here now.

> Let me guess, your favorite book is the "I HATE THE FRENCH OFFICIAL

je suis français, pauvre semoule.

> People here deserve a more objective opinion.

"objective" ? Lol.

> Here you can find what WinDev users have to say about WinDev

yes, very objective...

> There are more testimonials here (in french).

just as objective.

> By the way, Python is a great programming language. What is cool about
> WinDev is that the language is closely embedded with the GUI.

The one and only  "cool" thing about Windev is that I'll never have to
use this piece of shit again.

> For
> example, to select a line in a browsing table, you may just write:
> MyTable = 15 as if MyTable was a variable (it is a powerfull widget
> indeed, with searching, sorting, export to Excel, and so on).

Yeah, great. And you forgot to say that it generates the whole
application by itself, and even make coffee for the programmer.

NB : transmitted to groups-abuse at who will appreciate if OT
commercial adds are welcomes here.

> --
> PatBiker

bruno desthuilliers
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