windev vs python SOS

Bruno Desthuilliers onurb at xiludom.gro
Thu Sep 28 10:35:12 CEST 2006

stéphane bard wrote:
> hello, my boss ask me to prefer windev to python.

Find another job.

(I'm serious. I've 2+ years of pain with Windev, and if your boss is
clueless enough to believe all the marketing crap from PCSoft's droids,
you really don't want to work for him).

> I have to argue
>  - python work on multiple platform (linux, mac, windows)
>     A good point but it didn't interest him. Because
>     we want to choose a language for prototyping.

Python is far better at this than Windev - and the "prototype" is
usually quite usable.

>     So multi platform is not enough.
>  - python and windev are fast to develop

Nope. Windev lets you quickly have a barely usable DB-GUI pipeline, and
then trouble begins. Python, OTHO, really lets you do the job.

>  - windev as a good IDE, python? boa-constructor is ok with wxpython

Aren't you confusing IDE with RAD ?

>  - python is open source (that's not an argument for my boss, sorry
> it's     a boss ...)

Python is free. And being a boss doesn't necessarily imply being stupid.

> any idea for a strong argument ?

My own argument would be "it's Python or it's without me" <g>

More seriously: since you're in a Window-only shop, portability may not
be a strong argument. But Python is also very good at Windows-specific
stuff (COM etc) - and is widely used by Windows programmers (at least in
France). FWIW, you may want to post this on fclpy too - there are some
"hard-core" Windows developpers there...

You can also point your boss to IronPython - if MS puts some money on
it, it can't be a bad tool, isn't it ?-)

bruno desthuilliers
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