Reverse a String?

p.lavarre at p.lavarre at
Mon Sep 25 19:44:32 CEST 2006

> is the "right" place to submit new entries.

Thanks for sharing the secret.  Now there I have added: "Q: How can I
reverse a string, an array, a list, etc."

And to share our secret with future newbies, to I've added the suggestion:


How about here we add a bold:

If you have a suggested FAQ, click thru the Suggest New Articles link
and add a comment there. Don't choose the relevant category and then
discover you lack the privilege to comment there. Don't give up because
you have no ID: just invent one and register your e-mail and proceed.


> I would have hoped that the suggestion links on the first page would have sent you

I actually did visit the right place - it appears listed as only the
fourth "resource" behind the label "Suggest New Articles".  But the
only suggestions that were FAQs were from the effbot and submitted with
a font I didn't know how to create.  Also I had no sure idea of what
"resource", "category", and "article" meant in this context, so I could
barely decipher that only-apparently-English page.

Instead, because the site looks like a Wiki, I was trying to add my
suggested FAQ in place in the relevant category.  The place I picked
that choked irrecoverably was the "Programming FAQ" category, just
ahead of the "How do I modify a string in place?" question, in between
the "How do I convert a string to a number?" and "How do I convert a
number to a string?" questions.

Pat LaVarre

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