911 FORGERY bigger than the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

JR North jasonrnorth at bigfoot.com
Sat Sep 16 23:28:54 CEST 2006

LOOK OUT!!!!! He has a bomb strapped to him!
Dweller in the cellar

pope_ratzinger_benedict at india.com wrote:

> Do not bury your head in the sand ... Do not practice denial ... It
> will only bring you to terrible shame and grief ... Do not be afraid of
> saying the truth ... Do not be afraid of death ... God will take care
> of you and your kins as he took care of the flock of Abraham, Moses and
> Jesus.
> Here you will find all the truth, movies, audios and proof for your
> eyes to see (even the swiss are beginning to doubt 911) :
> www.scholarsfor911truth.org
> www.journalof911studies.org
> www.st911.org
> also go to Alex Jones site:
> infowars.com
> prisonplanet.com
> Distribute fliers on the site at your churches and synagogues, in your
> schools. Call your elected officials. Mail anonymously to your local
> fire station chiefs and your local police
> sherrifs. Send, to any and all CIA, FBI, Military personell and Court
> Judges that you know.
> We need to move fast and quick before the terrorists of 911 bring
> another false flag terrorism
> which may be biological, nuclear or what we cannot even imagine.
> They dont care about the lives or the freedom of the american people.
> They only love their evil agendas.
> God Bless you All
> Search Keywords:
> Thermate
> Sulfur
> Potassium
> Manganese
> Aluminum
> Thermite
> Alex Jones
> Steven Jones
> Controlled Demolition
> Popular Mechanics
> Larry Silverstein
> Marvin Bush
> Stratcor
> Stratesec
> Ground Zero

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