Client-side TCP socket receiving "Address already in use" upon connect

Tor Erik torerik81 at
Sat Sep 2 23:05:31 CEST 2006


The reason is that my application does about 16 connects and data 
transfers per second, to the same 16 remote hosts. After approx 200 secs 
there are 4000 sockets waiting to be garbage collected by the OS. At 
this point is seems that connect loops and starts using the same local 
addresses it used 4000 connections ago, resulting in an "Address already 
in use" exception.

A possible solution to this would be to keep the connection to each 
remote host open, but that would require parsing of the received data 
into the data items (which are files by the way) sent by the application.

My question is if there are any other methods of solving this? Maybe a 
socket option of some sort...


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