String Pattern Matching: regex and Python regex documentation

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at
Tue Sep 26 17:24:15 CEST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> Xah Lee wrote:
> > This project was undertaken as a response to a challenge put forth to
> > me with a $100 reward, on 2005-04-12 on comp.lang.python newsgroup. I
> > never received the due reward.
> >
> Your reading skills must be terrible. You never received the reward
> because it never became due. I offered you $100 if (I believe) five
> regular readers of wrote me to say your version was an
> improvement on the original documentation.
> So far (it's now been over a year since your publication, IIRC) not one
> single person has written to me. So while your version of the docs may
> have some merit, it certainly doesn't fulfil the advertised requirements
> for the reward. Which therefore isn't due.

This justification sounds rational.

Possibly this should be published in a seperate topic, asking people to
review the 2 doc's, whilst giving publically(!) their vote.

Finally, all this can contribute to better python documentation (and,
sorry, python doc's  need _really_ a rework).


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