Using py2exe to wrap a service?

MaR Maria.Reinhammar at
Thu Sep 21 11:38:01 CEST 2006

Tim Golden wrote:
> [MaR]
> | I do not call pythoncom.CoInitialize ()  as I tend to expect a module
> | wrapping COM stuff to do that.
> Hmmm. A slightly philosophical point.

:o) I agree!

I have added the CoInit.. call to the __init__() of the threaded class
(I understood the documentation as that was a proper place.)
The exception message changed!
Unfortunately I get little wiser.. (yes I confess.. I am spoonfed with
unix ;o)

The instance's SvcRun() method failed
  File "win32serviceutil.pyc", line 785, in SvcRun
  File "MailProxySvc.pyc", line 132, in SvcDoRun
  File "MailProxySvc.pyc", line 100, in setup
  File "D:\projects\MailProxy\", line 54, in
  File "active_directory.pyc", line 367, in search
  File "active_directory.pyc", line 217, in query
  File "win32com\client\gencache.pyc", line 540, in EnsureDispatch
  File "win32com\client\CLSIDToClass.pyc", line 50, in GetClass
exceptions.KeyError: '{B08400BD-F9D1-4D02-B856-71D5DBA123E9}'


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