Win32: Access to network resources w/o user login

Roger Upole rupole at
Wed Sep 27 00:00:14 CEST 2006

"utabintarbo" <utabintarbo at> wrote in message news:1159293185.847276.77190 at
> Is there a way to (programmatically) access network resources from a
> WinXP client without a user being logged in? I guess I need to know
> where the fstab file is in Windows. :-P
> Some more background: I am trying to access a samba share which is set
> up for anonymous login (all unknown users are mapped to a known user)
> with a process I hope to turn into a service (as soon as I figure
> *that* out as well :-P).
> Any help is *greatly* appreciated!

When the service tries to establish a connection with the Samba server,
it will use whatever credentials it's set up to start as.
You really shouldn't have to do anything special.

However, you can initiate the connection with an alternate
username using win32net.NetUseAdd or


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