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Wed Sep 13 00:53:01 CEST 2006


I have been lurking and see that there are a number of people interested in
pyLinda. I thought that I might post some very basic questions here that I
don't seem to have found on the web site. I expect the answers are there, so
if you could post a url to the page that answers them, that would be great.

It sounds like pyLinda runs a server process and stores tuples in it. How
does this work with multiple machines? One server per machine? Do you
connect to your local server and then that server has some sort of directory
that tells it which server holds the object you are looking for? Or are the
servers synchronized somehow?

That should get me started. As many others here, I don't have an immediate
project for pyLinda, but I would like to understand what it offers better so
that I can identity an appropriate project if one appears.

- Gardner
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