String Pattern Matching: regex and Python regex documentation

Xah Lee xah at
Sun Sep 17 18:50:09 CEST 2006

the Python regex documentation is available at:

Note that, i've just made the terms of use clear.

Also, can anyone answer what is the precise terms of license of the
official python documentation? The official doc site is not

Note also, that the regex syntax used by Perl is the same as Python.
So, this section
which contains clear explanation of regex syntax, will be of interest
to Perl programers as well.

If you are studying regex, you might also be interested in this lisp

Also note, that the regex syntax, is one of unix's $free$ fuckup that
has damaged a entire computer industry for decades. ($free$ as drugs
given to children)

For some examples of corrective steps, see:

• Scsh manual, Chapter 6: Pattern-matching strings with regular

• Mathematica Book, section 2.8.4 String Patterns

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