PEP proposal : Getting rid of the extension version/compiler dependency

Steve Menard devilwolf22 at
Fri Sep 29 21:11:18 CEST 2006

It's been observed a couple times recently ... distributing and compiling 
extensions is a pain, especially on windows, when the main supported 
compilers are not freely availble .. nor even commercially availble anymore.

What we need is a way to break out of this dependency. A way for python 
extensions to be built using any C compiler and be able to target multiple 
Python runtime version with a single binary build.

I believe I have such a solution.It is heavily influenced byt Java's Native 
Interface, which achieved this independence since day one.

The technical details are too combersome to post here, so I added a page to 
my projects's homepage detailing my proposal. If there is interest, I'd be 
interested in working on the PEP and the implementation.The URL for the 
proposal is

This solution may not be complete. Of multi-platform details might make some 
suggestion impossible or impractical. Please take this proposal as a 
starting point for a discussion.

I have a working prototype for steps 1 that I am using to implement JPype. 
So this is not a pipe dream. it is real and functional.

Please leave tour comments here, or better yet on my blog at .

Steve Menard
Author and Maintainer of JPype ( ) 

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