pictures as characters in a Tk text box?

Claudio Grondi claudio.grondi at
Sat Sep 2 21:12:20 CEST 2006

Jay wrote:
> Can you do the same in wxPython?
I am a greenhorn in wxPython, so please don't bet on what I state here, 
but to my current knowledge wxPython doesn't come with a widget capable 
of what Tkinter text box is capable of. But wxPython comes e.g. with a 
widget displaying any HTML content, so if you need only to display and 
not edit things it is a perfect one to use if you need to mix text with 
images and control elements.

Claudio Grondi

> Simon Forman wrote:
>>Jay wrote:
>>>This may be really obscure, but I had a dream about programming
>>>something like this, so don't blame me.  Is it possible to take a small
>>>image or icon and display it as a character in a Tk text box?  Think
>>>how Thunderbird displays text smilies as actual smiley icons.  Or how
>>>in AIM as you type a smiley, it replaces it with the picture.  Does
>>>anyone know how to display these specifically in a Tk text box?  Thanks.
>>Dreaming in Python, eh?  Maybe you should take a break.  ;-)
>>Sure, quoting the link below: "You can put an image or bitmap into a
>>text widget. It is treated as a single character whose size is the
>>natural size of the object."
>>You can also embed any Tk widget in a Tk Text widget, including
>>ImageTks and widgets with bitmaps.

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