AttributeError: 'Attributes' object has no attribute 'saveFile'

crystalattice crystalattice at
Fri Sep 1 09:52:53 CEST 2006

t.mitchell at wrote:
> Hi
> Sounds like you've got a wizard-type interface thing happening.
> I haven't used wxGlade but I have done similar things in GTK several
> times.
> Try putting all the windows in a notebook widget with hidden tabs.
> Put the 'Next Page' button and the filename outside the notebook.  This
> makes the filename always available and the 'Next Page' button would
> just switch pages in the notebook widget.
> Hope this is helpful
> Cheers
> Tim
Sounds simple enough.  Of course, we all know the difference between
theory and practice.  I think I rember seeing a wizard-type interface
in the wxGlade tutorial.  I'll take a look at that to.  Thanks for the

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