String Pattern Matching: regex and Python regex documentation

Ilias Lazaridis ilias at
Fri Sep 22 21:11:35 CEST 2006

[followup to]

Xah Lee wrote:
> the Python regex documentation is available at:
> Note that, i've just made the terms of use clear.
> Also, can anyone answer what is the precise terms of license of the
> official python documentation? The official doc site is not
> clear.

I would be interested in this information, too.

> Note also, that the regex syntax used by Perl is the same as Python.
> So, this section
> which contains clear explanation of regex syntax, will be of interest
> to Perl programers as well.

Your tutorial has helped me to write my first regular expression:

your notes about documentation are interesting, too:

I have some notes, too:


I would like to read more on your website, but the usability is 
terrible, mainly due to the missing navigation.

What about an exchange?

I assist you with the navigation. you will just need apache 
server-side-include and one file "navigation.html", which will contail 
all of the navigation, very simple.

And you make an real life example for a python regular expression use-case:

i want to scan a text for this line:


picking "this=4" ...

and add the attributes to an object.

object = addCustomAttributes(text)

(ok, the regex part would be enouth).



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