a different question: can you earn a living with *just* python?

Roy Smith roy at panix.com
Wed Sep 27 08:55:50 EDT 2006

"sjdevnull at yahoo.com" <sjdevnull at yahoo.com> wrote:
> SQL I don't class as a programming language, but it's certainly worth
> learning for most modern programmers.

I suppose it's not a *programming* language in the sense that it's not  
Turning Complete, but it *is* a language, with a complex syntax.  But, more 
to the point, knowing SQL opens your eyes to a way to think about, 
organize, and manipulate data which is very different from conventional 
procedural languages.  That's the real value in learning it.

Oh, I left out regular expressions.  Again, not a programming language 
per-se, but a powerful and complex tool which manipulates data in a very 
different way from other things.  There are jobs for which good grasp of 
regexes will save you hundreds of lines of code.  It's not the right tool 
for every job, but it's a tool that anybody who calls themselves a 
professional programmer should have in their collection.

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