a different question: can you earn a living with *just* python?

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Thu Sep 28 02:05:38 CEST 2006

Roy Smith wrote:
> In article <1159368408.593970.110380 at k70g2000cwa.googlegroups.com>,
>  "Michele Simionato" <michele.simionato at gmail.com> wrote:
>> John Salerno wrote:
>>> But what if you are an expert Python program and have zero clue about
>>> other languages?
>> Python is not a trivial language (think of generators, decorators,
>> metaclasses, etc)
> This is, unfortunately, a sad commentary on the evolution of the language 
> over the past few years.  One of the things that made Python so attractive 
> was how simple it was, and yet powerful.
> Things like decorators and metaclasses certainly add power, but they add 
> complexity too.  It's no longer a simple language.
Well, I think a simple language is a language that makes the simple 
things simple and some of the complex things simple.  But I also like a 
language where, if I need it, I can tap into some raw power and do that 
really wild stuff.  So its simple to use if that's all you need yet 
offers the complexity to get things done that a purely "simple" language 
can't do.  I'd say its as simple as you want it to be :)



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