Running Python script from C++ code(.NET)

volcano Mark.Geyzer at
Sat Sep 23 20:20:10 CEST 2006

Gerard Flanagan wrote:
> volcano wrote:
> > Hello, folks!
> > A trivial question - I have a working Python script that I have to
> > invoke from C++ code. No fancy stuff - just run the whole script with
> > its parameters. No callbacks, no signalling - nada, just
> > stupid,primitive, straightforward call.
> >
> > And while there is a lot of help on embedding, I could not find out how
> > to run script as a whole.SOS!!!!
> In C#:
> hth
> Gerard

Thanks for fast response, alas - it did not!
My problem is - application in C++ used to use external application,
which does not work well. So I sort of reproduced the functionality in
Python script, but now I am stuck, unable to run it properly.

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