newbe's re question

Eric_Dexter at Eric_Dexter at
Wed Sep 20 02:14:30 CEST 2006

All I am after realy is to change this

 reline = re.line.split('instr', '/d$')

into something that grabs any line with instr in it take all the
numbers and then grab any comment that may or may not be at the end of
the line starting with ; until the end of the line including white
spaces..  this is a corrected version from

thanks in advance the hole routine is down below..

def extractCsdInstrument (input_File_Name, output_File_Name,

    "takes an .csd input file and grabs instr_number instrument and
creates output_File_Name"
    f = open (input_File_Name , 'r')                #opens file passed
in to read
    f2 = open (output_File_Name, 'w')               #opens file passed
in to write
    instr_yes = 'false'                             #set flag to false

    for line in f:                                  #for through all
the lines
      if "instr" in line:                           #look for instr in
the file
           if instr_yes == 'true':                    #check to see if
this ends the instr block
               break                                #exit the block

           reline = re.line.split('instr', '/d$')     #error probily
split instr and /d (decimal number into parts) $ for end of line
           number = int(reline[1])                  #convert to a
number maybe not important
                if number == instr_number:            #check to see if
it is the instr passed to function
                instr_yes = "true":                 #change flag to
true because this is the instr we want
      if instr_yes = "true":                        #start of code to
copy to another file
           f2.write(f.line)                         #write line to
output file

    f.close                                         #close input file


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