I need some tips to begin a simple project

Magnus Lycka lycka at carmen.se
Wed Sep 27 11:27:48 CEST 2006

dutche wrote:
> Hi, I'm new in Python and I'm learning with "Learning Python" oreilly's
> book which is very good written and explanatory.

You're not saying how new you are to programming (particularly
GUI programming) in general. Python itself is probably not the
tricky part here.

> And I can use some other graphical interface, like OpenGL? Or with
> PyGame I can do an animattion like zooming the icon image when hover?

It seems to me that PyGame might be a candidate for the kind of stuff
you want to do, although I'm no expert in that. I'd download it and
play with it. There are some PyGame tutorials and example code to
get you started.

Good Luck!

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