How ahead are you guys in the (Python) real world?

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Tue Sep 5 19:10:59 CEST 2006

(ack! forgot to push the send button several days ago - hopefully this isn't
woefully out-of-date now...)

    neil> Based on the number of people still using 2.3, it looks to me like
    neil> there would be interest.

    aahz> Yes; the real question is whether there is enough labor available
    aahz> to make it happen.

Just to make it clear for people with an interest in another 2.3 release who
might not read python-dev, here's what needs to happen.  Someone(s) needs to
consider which bug fixes applied to 2.4 (and maybe CVS head) since the last
2.3 release should be applied to the 2.3 branch.  That entails a few steps:

    1. scan the 2.4 checkins for bug fixes (scanning Misc/NEWS might be

    2. decide which ones apply to the 2.3 branch (some might not if they
       were bugs that were introduced in 2.4 or because code structure
       changes would make it too painful to add to 2.3)

    3. work up a patch with test cases against the 2.3 code (simplified by
       starting with the 2.4 patch in most cases) that implements the fix

    4. test the 2.3 branch as patches are applied to make sure there are no
       regressions against your own code  base.

All these steps are necessary to some degree, though one person doesn't have
to do all four steps for any given bug fix.  Any help you can give would be


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