Python on handhelds

Paul Rubin http
Mon Sep 11 05:58:20 CEST 2006

"Nick" <nick.kigs at> writes:
> I have never programmed in Python a day in my life. My group is working
> on developing an application on the Dell Axim hand held that has a
> tight deadline. I have heard that Python is particularly advantageous
> in rapid prototyping and deployment. I would like to lean this way if I
> can. Does anyone know if I can run Python on the Dell Axim handheld. It
> runs Windows CE. If so, what all is needed to make this possible.

Someone did a WinCE port a while back, but I don't think it's actively
used much.  The approach might be reasonable if you're an expert with
some time on your hands, but for a newcomer with an onrushing
deadline, you may be better off using whatever you're already using
(VB or whatever), and keeping Python in mind for some future project.

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