question about including something like sqlite in python

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Thu Sep 14 13:59:19 CEST 2006

John Salerno wrote:
> I was just thinking, since Python 3.0 is supposed to clean up a lot of 
> the unnecessary or redundant features of Python and make other things 
> more streamlined, does it seem to anyone that including SQLite goes 
> against this goal?

Not to me. I don't see the redundancy. The DB-API spec has been
around for years. I think it's great that one implementation comes
with Python.

> This is just me thinking out loud, mind you, but it seems like including 
>  a database module (especially one that many people won't use in favor 
> of MySQL or PostgreSQL, etc.) is weighing down the standard library. I 
> suppose the sqlite module might still be removed in 3.0, but the 
> inclusion of it at all seems a little strange (and also sort of like an 
> endorsement for using it).

Sure, but primarily it's endorsement for using the the DB-API.

Including SQLite lowers the barrier for getting started in writing
applications in a domain where Python fits well. A domain where
Visual Basic and tools like FoxPro have dominated. Libraries such
as datetime and decimal also goes in the same direction. One could
argue that a simple to use GUI building tool is another requisite
in this domain, but maybe a web tool kit is more appropriaet these

In short I think it helps making Python into a VB-killer, or if
you prefer (yuk!) the new COBOL! ;^)

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