newbie IronPython compiled scripts speed question

Lawrence Oluyede rhymes at
Sun Sep 24 16:59:34 EDT 2006

dtlog <agarwaengrc at> wrote:
> I searched the faqs at and didn't find an answer:
> does using IronPython, instead of CPython, and compiling the
> scripts into native windows executables (I heard IronPython
> can do that) result in faster execution times?

I don't know what you heard but IronPython generates IL code which
happens to be the bytecode of the CLR (the runtime of .NET). So you are
not generating "native" stuff but a PE executable wrapping the .NET
stuff in it. See:

It seems IronPython being faster than CPython 2.4 in some tests but I
can't say anything about that because I haven't seen that tests :-)

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