Pros/Cons of Turbogears/Rails?

fuzzylollipop jarrod.roberson at
Fri Sep 1 04:00:54 CEST 2006

Sam Smoot wrote:
big rant snipped since Google Groups has what I responding to:

> So if you decide to reply, might I suggest spending a few minutes with
> Google to get your facts straight next time? Oh, and keeping an eye on
> the actual topic might be a good idea too.

I got my facts straight, Ruby is not tested in production environments.
And I am speaking from a BIG internet site scale. Apache is mature,
there is a definition of mature tested in the wild in production, and
you qualified your opinion by excluding edge cases, the internet is
NOTHING BUT EDGE CASES. Just look at the SMTP and HTTP RFC's they are
nothing but edge cases.

And read the entire thread, I am the one that specifically stated that
the original poster was confused on what he was asking about. Let me
make it really clear. Neither Ruby NOR Rails is "mature" by ANY
REASONABLE definition.

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