Problems with Python 2.5 installer.

paw shalofin at
Fri Sep 29 12:01:26 CEST 2006

John Machin wrote:
> paw wrote:
> > I have ran the MSI installer for Python 2.5 several times attempting to
> > install to C:
> > Python, however all of the files are placed in C:\ .  The installer is
> > told to only install files for me, beyond that I have only chosen the
> > defaults.
> What do you mean by "install to C: <newline> Python"? Can you tell us
> (unambiguously, on one line) what directory you chose? Is there any
> good reason why you didn't take the default, which is
>     C:\Python25
> ?

The <newline> should have been \ , the keyboard I am using sucks and
places the backslash below Enter vs. above like I am used to.  I just
didn't catch that when posting.

I really don't know why I always change the directory, I've just always
installed Python on MS Windows into C:\Python.  No practical reason, I
do the same with other programs.

> > Google turned up nothing useful that I could find, is anyone else
> > seeing this problem?
> There's been no mention that I've noticed.

I'm thinking this is a local issue.  I came in today and used the same
MSI installer as before and there were no problems.

I'm looking through the local logs to see if there has been any change
on this system in the past day or two right now.


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