wxPython - very small frame

Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at freakmail.de
Thu Sep 21 02:12:20 EDT 2006

Francach wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to create a very small Frame without the usual minimise and
> maximise icons on the top.  Does anyone know how to do this with
> wxPython? I've tried creating a Frame with the style wx.DOUBLE_BORDER,
> which gives me a nice small window. But I can't move it around the
> screen.

There is the wx.FRAME_TOOL_WINDOW style (which is nice, but the frame 
won't be listed in the taskbar).

But right now you're probably looking for wx.CAPTION (have you, by any 
chance, only looked up the styles for wx.Window, neglecting the ones of 

hope that does it.
(btw: you might want to ask such questions on the wxPython list instead)

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