Building Python Based Web Application

Adam Jones ajones1 at
Sat Sep 9 01:24:26 CEST 2006

John Henry wrote:
> Hi folks.
> I am interested on this topic as well.
> If my application is not database related, what would be a good choice?
> I have clients that wish to use my Python applications but I am not
> willing to give them the code.  So, I am thinking about setting it up
> as a web based application and let them run it from their browser.   If
> things go well, may be I can charge them for usage later.
> The application will involve getting a data file from the user, do some
> processing, and return a result file to the user.   Very modest - to
> start.

For that kind of usage I don't know if any of the big name web
frameworks would be worth the effort, especially if returning a result
file entails making it available for download instead of handing it
back in the form of an HTML page. At that point all you would really
need is a controller to handle most of the details of working in HTTP
and maybe a templating system to help out with the HTML.

The only controller that is available independently that I can comment
on usefully is Cherrypy. It works pretty well, can run its own web
server if you like, and seems like it would be simple enough to use for
what you are talking about.

Without knowing more about your requirements that would be my
suggestion. I am sure there are other people on this group with more
experience here who could give more useful commentary.


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