Problem loading true-type font with PIL - "solved"

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Sun Sep 3 11:11:27 CEST 2006

Christian Stapfer wrote:

> Problem "solved" by rudely installing PIL 1.1.5 for Windows and
> Python 2.4 from
> right on top of my existing "Python Enthought Edition--Python
> 2.4.3 for Windows". This might have destroyed the consistency
> of the overall installation, of course. I'm well punished
> for installing Enthought Python 2.4.3: Next time I will again
> install all packages that I need myself, as I did for Python
> 2.3, instead of using a prepackaged distribution like Enthought
> Python.

Since the truetype extension is quite popular, and from what I'm told 
worked just fine in earlier Enthought releases, this is probably just an 
accidental omission.  I'm sure the Enthought people will fix this if you 
report it to them.


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