Tkinter window focusing or selecting

Bob Greschke bob at
Mon Sep 4 22:52:03 CEST 2006

I have a program with many "forms" (Toplevel windows with entry fields). 
Sometimes when I .deiconify() and .lift() a form that is a child of another 
form, but that just got buried under other forms it comes up 'not active' 
(dimmed).  I have to click on the title bar (or anywhere in the window) 
before I can start entering stuff into the entry fields.  It doesn't seem to 
happen all of the time, which I don't understand.  Doing a .focus_set() 
after the .lift() fixes it, but then Tkinter loses track of which entry 
field the cursor was in when the window got covered up.  Is there something 
else I should be calling after the .deiconify() and .lift() to make sure the 
window get 'activated' (or what ever that state is)?  This is on Linux at 
this point.



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