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Fri Sep 15 01:29:04 CEST 2006

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> Gary Stephenson wrote:
>> I want to define a class-level attribute that will be shared by all
>> subclasses.  That is, I want this class, every subclass of this class,
>> every instance of this class and every instance of every subclass to be
>> able to
>> read and write to the _same_ slot/variable.  But I can't figure out how 
>> to
>> do it.
> class A:
>    class __metaclass__(type):
>        _shared = 42
>        def get_shared(self):
>            return self.__class__._shared
>        def set_shared(self, value):
>            print "%r --> %r" % (self._shared, value)
>            self.__class__._shared = value
>        shared = property(get_shared, set_shared)
>    def get_shared(self):
>        return self.__class__.shared
>    def set_shared(self, value):
>        self.__class__.shared = value
>    shared = property(get_shared, set_shared)
> Does that what you want?

It certainly does!  But I need to figure out how to package it up a bit more 
elegantly.  I'd prefer not to have to define a separate metaclass for each 
class if I could avoid it.  hmmm   ..... The following is what I eventually 
came up with, which is exactly what I was after:

class valueDescriptor(object):
    def __init__(self,x=None):
        self.value = x
    def __get__(self,ob,cls=None):
        return self.value
    def __set__(self,ob,x):
        self.value = x

class Ameta(type):
    def createShared( cls, nm, initValue=None ):
        o = valueDescriptor(initValue)
        setattr( cls,nm, o )
        setattr( cls.__class__,nm, o )

class A:
    __metaclass__ = Ameta

class B( A ):

Many thanks,


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