are there any lib for receive hotmail ?

叮叮当当 guotie.9 at
Thu Sep 7 04:37:35 CEST 2006


Tim Chase 写道:

> > And receiving hotmail (or any outher webmail) using scraping
> > techniques is a daunting task, to say the least - you should
> > forget about that IMHO.
> There's a perl project called "gotmail" that will do the scraping
> to dump in a local mailbox file (I don't remember whether it's MH
> or mbox format).  You can snag it at
> Thus, there's evidence that Hotmail can be scraped, but it seems
> they have a never-ending battle against Hotmail, trying to keep
> up with changes.
> I don't know of any Python projects doing the same sort of thing.
>   It might not be too hard to port the Perl project over to
> Python, but one would be an extra level removed from scraping
> Hotmail, playing catchup not only with Hotmail, but then porting
> the latest fixes from Gotmail.
> There are a couple other Hotmail-to-mbox scrapers I've heard of,
> but haven't tried.
> -tkc

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