Python style: to check or not to check args and data members

Joel Hedlund yohell at
Fri Sep 1 16:31:53 CEST 2006

> I still wait for a
> proof that it leads to more robust programs - FWIW, MVHO is that it
> usually leads to more complex - hence potentially less robust - code.

MVHO? I assume you are not talking about Miami Valley Housing Opportunities 
here, but bloat probably leads to bugs, yes.

> Talking about interfaces, you may want to have a look at PyProtocols
> (PEAK) and Zope3 Interfaces.

Ooh. Neat.

> As long as you provide a usable documentation, misuse of your code is
> not your problem anymore (unless of course you're the one misusing it !-).

But hey, then I'm still just letting idiots suffer from their idiocy, and 
since that's part of our greater plan anyway I guess that's ok :-D

> Then you probably want to read the relevant chapter in DiveIntoPython.

You are completely correct. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks for your help! It's been real useful. Now I'll sleep better at night.


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