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> > You can also get a rough measure ot the popularity of web scripting
> > languages from an analysis of the URLs. The last time I did this was in
> > 2003, and as I recall, these were the results:
> > PHP 30% and increasing
> > Perl 28% and falling
> > ASP 25% and falling fast
> > ColdFusion 6% and steady
> > Java and JSP 5% and increasing
> > others, Python, Ruby, ...
>At the site I'm working on, you'd see a URL like
> or
>-- how would you count them?  Such (extensionless) URLs are far more
>common in the Python, Ruby, and Java world in my experience than the
>PHP, Perl, and ASP world, so my first instinct looking at your numbers
>is to believe they're just biased toward languages that more often put
>the extension in the URL.

Same thing with me, using Zope.
The scripting language or machinery used is an implementation detail, 
so it should not appear on a URL, if you want them to be more or less 

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