Curious issue with simple code

codefire tony.bedford at
Tue Sep 19 23:34:07 CEST 2006

George Sakkis wrote:

> By the way, an easier way to deal with paths is the module
> ( Your example could
> be rewritten simply as:
> from path import path
> for html_file in path(start_dir).walkfiles('*.html'):
>     print 'html file found!'

Thanks George,

I had played with it some more and ended up with the fairly succinct:

import os
import glob

for f in glob.glob('c:\\intent\\docn\\*\\*.html'):
    print f

It works quite nicely - I'm just twiddling - first time writing Python
(but like it) :)
I've bookmarked that site too for future ref.

Thanks again,

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