What's up with site.Quitter?

Georg Brandl g.brandl-nospam at gmx.net
Wed Sep 27 10:32:17 CEST 2006

James Stroud wrote:
> Hello All,
> Still jubilantly configuring my work environment for python 2.5, I came 
> accross a curiosity when writing an automatic vim syntax file creator 
> (so I can automatically update my syntax coloring with future python 
> releases).
> It seems I can find a reference to just about every type except those 
> for "exit" and "quit" in the standard library somewhere. E.g.:
> py> type(__builtins__.Ellipsis) is types.EllipsisType
> True
> However, in an appearant break with consistency, this can not be done 
> for "exit" and "quit" because site.Quitter is nested inside of the 
> setquit() function in the site.py module.
> Would moving this class definition to module level be something that 
> would meet with great resistance?

Not really, but what would you do with it? It's an internal object used
for only exit() and quit(), and of no real use elsewhere.


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