Python for science (was: Re: Looking for the Perfect Editor)

Wildemar Wildenburger wildemar at
Fri Sep 15 12:54:34 CEST 2006

David J. Braden wrote:
> I've come to sense, in the last (many) threads and topics brought up 
> that I have read in the last 3 weeks, that this NG attracts folks who 
> are very much into the web-app interface potential and usefulness of 
> Python, as you yourself seem to be (see following), and others, such as 
> I, who appreciate its power for technical apps, such as hard-core stats, 
> optimization, and integration with even more sophisticated off-the-shelf 
> apps, as well as home-brewed stuff, hopefully even original algorithms. 
>   I have seen, several times in this NG, references to "scientific 
> stuff". I take it to mean apps meant for, or used by, folks in 
> engineering, physics, applied mathematics, exploratory theoretical stats 
> and practical applied stats (at a very high level) --- these users have 
> PhDs in areas dealing with "scientific stuff". What's *your* view take 
> on this?
I use python purely for personal coding, so I cannot give you much 
advice on scientific use of python. I understand however that it is very 
much used for what you describe. I still don't know what you're asking 
exactly, so I hope that's what you wanted to hear.

>> You might want to look at python packages such as scipy (?) or numpy 
>> (for numerical calculations) or whatever those are called.
> "Whatever those ..." ?!? Maybe this clarifies my response.
Numpy: (maybe that explains my confusion ;))
Scientific Python:


> Thanks. I hope to very soon. Potential interactions with other APIs are 
> keeping me up nights. I could use your help on one of these in the near 
> future.
By 'you' you certainly mean the newsgroup, right? 'Cause I know nothing 
of that.

>>> I am not interested in Web/html apps.
>> Too bad, that's the future ;).
> For whom?!? When? Been to a so-called 3rd-world country for an extended 
> period yet? Think Angola, Chad, ...
I. Was. Kidding.
Sort of ... :)
Seriously: Many people use it for the web, because python is just so 
darn good at it. An there is a trend towards web-based apps. There's n 
denying that.
Are you telling me that in, say, Angola they only use python for their 
hardcore scientific calculations? I don't quite get that argument. 
Though I understand your angle.

I'm out

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