best way of testing a program exists before using it?

Nick Craig-Wood nick at
Wed Sep 13 07:31:22 CEST 2006

Tim Golden <tim.golden at> wrote:
>  OK, I've never sent in a patch before (blushes for shame
>  as he thinks of all the years he's been using Python). Would
>  you mind pointing me towards some doc or post which tells
>  me where to look and what to do. Should I checkout svn and 
>  patch against that? Or what?

In brief :-

Checkout svn
Make your changes - remember the docs and tests as well as the code
Test your changes
run "svn diff" and save the output to a file
Attach this diff to an entry in the bug tracker
Optionally post a note to python-dev about what you've done

Thats what I've done in the past anyway!

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