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Eric_Dexter at Eric_Dexter at
Wed Sep 20 05:49:08 CEST 2006

George Sakkis wrote:
> Eric_Dexter at wrote:
> > All I am after realy is to change this
> >
> >  reline = re.line.split('instr', '/d$')
> If you think this is the only problem in your code, think again; almost
> every other line has an error or an unpythonic idiom. Have you read any
> tutorial or sample code before typing this python-like pseudocode ?
> George

better to offend a python than a rattlesnake (you have to see the cwa
rattlesnake shirts shirts compared to the python shirts)  :)

As long as it will run but I feel like I am just converting it to
something that feels like c somewhat but I am learning the commands
(hopefully)..  hard to get a good chapters with questions at the end
without cash...  I am happy even if the code isn't pythonic if it runs
with this.

import csoundroutines

extractCsdInstrument("bay-at-night.csd", "test.orc", 1)

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