One program in different GUI Toolkits

metaperl metaperl at
Mon Sep 25 14:49:54 CEST 2006

Steve Holden wrote:
> metaperl.etc at wrote:
> > Actually due to lack of documentation and feedback from the mailing
> > list, I am fallen out of love with Pythoncard and in love with
> > Kiwi/Pygtk. Given the large groundswell support for pygtk, i dont think
> > I will be disappointed.
> >
> In and out of love in eight hours and six minutes? I'm glad I don't have
> a daughter ;-)

heheh... I am rather mercurial (oops, no pun intended). I have never
held a job in the IT industry for a year in 7 years of professional

But I just found out I get a 4-month penalty if I break my current
condo lease, so for once, I think I will stay put for a year.

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