Debugging multithreaded program using Eclipse/Pydev

John Henry john106henry at
Mon Apr 9 19:10:51 EDT 2007

On Apr 7, 3:23 pm, Heikki Toivonen <hei... at> wrote:
> John Henry wrote:
> >>From what I can gather, it appears the only *real* option I have is to
> > debug under Eclipse/Pydev.  I did a google search of this newsgroup
> > and didn't turn up too many hits.  Before I invest the time to learn
> > Eclipse/Pydev, I like to hear from somebody that have gone this path.
> > Have you been successful in using Eclipse/Pydev to debug multi-
> > threaded Python applications?  Is so, what was the learning curve like
> > to you?
> ActiveState Komodo can also do multithreaded debugging.
> And if all else fails, you can insert:
> import pdb
> pdb.set_trace()
> in your code and that way you will break on any thread.
> Currently I am using pydev myself, having gone through WingIDE and Komodo.
> --
>   Heikki Toivonen

I ran the alpha version of Wing.  So far, it appears to do a fine job
in debugging multi-threaded applications.

And yes, I fixed my bug within 5 minutes.

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