Cgi File Upload without Form

Karsten.G.Weinert at Karsten.G.Weinert at
Mon Apr 30 16:31:30 CEST 2007

On 30 Apr., 15:51, "Dave Borne" <dbo... at> wrote:
> > Since I want to upload the data programmatically, a form based
> > solution is not good.
> Karsten,
>  Could you explain this statement? When I want to move data to a
> server in a CGI environment, a form post is the easiest way I can
> think of. What are the specific restrictions making forms a problem?
> -Dave

Hello Dave,
what I was thinking was: a form post is meant to be used manually. But
maybe I am wrong here and I can teach my VBA program to fill in forms
automatically. If I were using python as client, I could fill in forms
with urllib. However, I using python only server-side.

Kind regards,

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