Future Python Gui?

bcwhite at pobox.com bcwhite at pobox.com
Thu Apr 19 05:09:01 CEST 2007

> The wrapper I maintain works differently, and includes the notebook widget.

I've seen the page.  You can get to it via Google's cache; just put
the url in the box and the one search result returned usually has a
"cached" link.

However, that file is completely useless without instructions on how
to use it, and there are no instructions within the page or file.

That is:
 - exactly where does it get installed
 - what else needs to get installed (eg. some dll)
 - where do you find these other things
 - where does that something else get installed
 - how do you import this module
 - how does use of Tkinter change (if at all) once imported

I know all this stuff is obvious to those that have been working with
it for a while, but for those of us just getting started with Python,
it's immensely frustrating that we're assumed to know all these steps.

-- Brian

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