win32 register

Attila Szabo trial at
Mon Apr 16 17:50:01 CEST 2007


I'm a unix programmer and I have minimal ideas, how things work under windows.
I have a tkinter stuff, that has to accept data from explorer,
I've done it via pipes, because I guess no drag'n'drop method exists...
At program launch, it registers a context menu handler to png files, that sends 
the drag'n'drop 
info to the program via the pipes, it is working good under administrator
privileges, but not with normal user...
The pipe server runs in a separate thread in the tkinter program...
At the end, it unregisters the menu handler...
How can a make it work with a normal user ?
I've registered the handler, but can't see in the menu under user...
Can I register the handler under admin, and run the pipe server under
user ?

thanks very much


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