Python in a strange land: IronPython and ASP.NET at the next PyGTA

Scott David Daniels scott.daniels at
Sat Apr 14 06:34:48 CEST 2007

Mike C. Fletcher wrote:
> IronPython is a native implementation of Python on the Microsoft .NET 
> platform.  The implementation is from Microsoft and the language is well 
> supported by the Visual Studio development environment which has always 
> been one of the Microsoft platform's strengths.  Though Python is often 
> associated with the Free and Open Source communities, consultants and 
> developers frequently need to solve real-world problems using Python on 
> the .NET platform.  IronPython makes using Python in these situations a 
> natural choice for the Python programmer.
> Our speaker for the evening is Myles Braithwaite, a local consultant and 
> developer.  He is going to give us an idea of how developing a web 
> application using ASP.NET looks when using IronPython instead of C#, as 
> well as his impressions of the platform.
> As usual, we will hold the presentation at Linux Caffe, gathering for 
> introductions at 6:30 PM, with the formal presentation beginning at 7:00 
> PM.  We normally head out around 8:30 PM for beer, coffee and/or ice 
> cream.  You can find directions and maps to Linux Caffe on the wiki:
> Hope to see you all there,
> Mike

You might mention Toronto, Ontario, Canada in an announcement to a
global mailing list.

--Scott David Daniels
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