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PyCon Uno: Python first Italian conference about Python.

Call for Papers

Important dedalines

* April 30, 2007
    Submission of paper and tutorial abstracts.

* May 5, 2007
    Papers and tutorials admission notification.

* June 9, 2007
    Submission of paper and tutorial final versions.

What is PyCon Uno?

PyCon Uno is the first Italian conference about the Python programming
language. It will be held in __Florence on June 9 and 10, 2007__.
The conference aims to help spreading the Python language, and better
expose professional developers, students, businesses and interested

The conference official language is the Italian one.


The conference is made up of two parallel tracks: *tutorial* and

* The *tutorial* track talks will mainly deal with introductory matters
  related to Python technologies and libraries;

* The *advanced* track will deal with more advanced matters, both from
  a technical point of view and regarding development methodologies,
  use cases (for example, Python for businesses) and management;

Here is a tentative and incomplete list of relevant matters:

* huge and/or distributed Python applications
* scientific and numeric applications
* integration with other languages and environenments, RPC and services
* web development and frameworks
* desktop and GUI toolkit programming
* Python as a system language (scripting, COM etc.)
* Python and databases
* Python as an instructional language

Papers will be evaluated according to content, relevance to the Python
community, writing style and quality.

Each talk will last at most 60 minutes, which comprise setup and
teardown time.

How to submit a talk proposal

Send talk proposals to the call-for-papers AT pycon.it email address,
with "[TALK] Talk title" as subject, and the abstract in the mail body.

What to send when, and how to send it

Please only send papers that have been explicitly accepted by the
organization. Send them before the conference starting date. Papers
must be your own original production: any paper containing materials
copyrighted by others will not be accepted.

Papers have to be written in the Italian language.

Papers may be submitted in text, HTML (one file), Postscript or PDF
format, or any other standard format that may be opened and printed on
many systems.

To submit a paper, proceed as follows:

1. create a tar/bz2/zip/gz file containing the paper, any supplementary
   files (like images), and a README file with your name, email and any
   further information;

2. send an email to call-for-papers AT pycon.it , attaching the above
   mentioned file.

Additional information

For any question, please contact us at info AT pycon.it .

Conference organizers

* Giovanni Bajo (Develer SRL)
* Marco Beri (Link I.T.)
* Antonio Cavedoni (Bunker)
* Enrico Franchi (Sviluppatore Indipendente)
* Alan Franzoni (Sviluppatore Indipendente)
* Nicola Larosa (Space SPA)
* Alex Martelli (Google Inc.)
* Stefano Masini (Pragma2000)
* Carlo Miron (Visiant Galyleo)
* David Mugnai (Space SPA)
* Lawrence Oluyede (Sviluppatore Indipendente)
* Manlio Perillo (Sviluppatore Indipendente)
* Fabio Pliger (Sia Verona SRL)
* Giovanni Porcari (Softwell SaS)
* Michele Simionato (StatPro Plc)
* Daniele Varrazzo (Develer SRL)
* Maurizio Volonghi
* Valentino Volonghi (Sviluppatore Indipendente)
* Simone Zinanni (Develer SRL)

Nicola Larosa - http://www.tekNico.net/

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