run function in separate process

malkarouri at malkarouri at
Wed Apr 11 17:21:43 CEST 2007

Thanks Mike for you answer. I will use the occasion to add some
comments on the links and on my approach.

I am programming in Python 2.5, mainly to avoid the bug that memory
arenas were never freed before.
The program is working on both Mac OS X (intel) and Linux, so I prefer
portable approaches.

On Apr 11, 3:34 pm, kyoso... at wrote:
> I found a post on a similar topic that looks like it may give you some
> ideas:

I see the comment about using mmap as valuable. I tried to use that
using numpy.memmap but I wasn't successful. I don't remember why at
the moment.
The other tricks are problem-dependent, and my case is not like them
(I believe).


Good ideas. I hope that python will grow a replacable gc one day. I
think that pypy already has a choice at the moment.



Bingo! This thread actually reaches more or less the same conclusion.
In fact, Alex Martelli describes the exact pattern in

I probably got the idea from a previous thread by him or somebody
else. It should be much earlier than March, though, as my program was
working since last year.

So, let's say the function I have written is an implementation of
Alex's architectural pattern. Probably makes it easier to get in the



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